Become An Ambassador 

We want all our athletes to get the exposure they deserve. Becoming an Ambassador not only promotes brand awareness but provides the athlete with  ample  opportunity.  
Frequently Asked Questions:

           1. At  What Age Can My Child Be An Ambassador?                                        As long as your child is old enough to compete in competitive sporting events.

           2. Are You  Local?                                                                                                          As a  Mobile company everywhere is local, so YES!  Our ambassadors can be from anywhere.

            3. What does an Ambassador do?                                                                            As an Ambassador the athlete will receive quality custom athletic wear, and be given access to some of the top Showcases and tournaments in the state. Promoting not only themselves and the brand, but upholding what it means to be an 360° ELite  Athlete.

  • 360 Ambassador

    Registration fees of event, value ($300)                                                        360 elite competition apparel, value ($120)                                                  360 elite custom cleats, value ($120)                                                            10 hours of Personal Training, value ($900)                                             All this Value at no cost. Just apply, train, and compete 
  • 360°Elite Amabassador

    All the Value of the Small Sponsorship plus:                                                    Hotel booking, value ( $500)                                                                                  Transportation, Value ($200)                                                                                 To qualify for this sponsorship, must be currently enrolled in our 6months  1on1 training programs.